Chloe Morden

Daughter of the infamous Mr. Morden, chloe was rescued from hyperspace and was made the new founder of a technomage line.


Chloe is an attractive young woman in her early twenties. Her raven hair and striking features would be enough to make her stand out in a crowd. But she is even more striking due to the many fine lines tattooed on her face and neck. The tattoos are the darkest black and seem to sometimes move and re-configure themselves.

Her eyes belie her youth. They have the empty stare of someone who has seen much suffering and death.

Chloe is typically dressed in a black outfit more appropriate in the middle ages, with a tall staff and flowing cape.


Chloe and her mother were trapped between realspace and hyperspace in an accident. Doomed to spend eternity in this limbo, they were instead rescude by the Shadows as part of a deal with Mr. Morden.

Chloe’s mother didn’t survive the ordeal. Her mind was shattered. Chloe was also changed greatly by the experience but she became something different, something stronger. The Shadows saw this and asked if they could re-found their technomage experiment with her as the new “Weirden”. She happily agreed.

Her father, Mr. Morden, was killed on Centauri Prime during a Shadow assault on the capital city.

When the Shadows left for the rim, Chloe was left to her own devices. She had great powers but no cause to serve. This was when she was approached by EarthGov and convinced to serve her homeworld.

Now she serves as an advisor to the Clarke administration and ambassador-at-large for Earth Alliance. Her arrival usually heralds heralds great turmoil.

Chloe Morden

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