It is the year 2262. John Sheridan is dead.

New heroes have arisen to take his place and fight back the chaos. Through fire and sacrifice they won the Shadow War and sent the First Ones off beyond the rim.

The Centauri Empire is ruled with strength and vision by Londo Molari. The Narn empire has become a much darker thing after allying itself so closely with the Shadows. Worse still, Earth Alliance is under the iron grip of President Clarke and his Ministry of Thought. The Minbari are recovering from a vicious civil war and have withdrawn into themselves.

Dark clouds of war are gathering yet again. Babylon 5 stands as a last bastion against the oppression of EarthGov and a confrontation is inevatable. Each side is manuvering for advantage and awaiting the best opportunity to strike.

The fate of humanity rests on the razor’s edge.

At the head of the Army of Light and the Earth Resistance are four individuals of extraordinary talent. They have taken control of an ancient Centauri covert organization known as the Office of Regional Coordination, re-tasking it to serve the greater good and fight the chaos which threatens to engulf the galaxy.

Austin Craig: Ex Earthforce black operative. His skills at sabotage and covert operations have proved invaluable to the resistance – but his lack of moral restraint may still herald great suffering and darkness.

Kevin Talbot: Retired veteran of the Dilgar War and the Minbari War. His long years of service give him a deep knowledge of fleet combat which is the best hope for the Army of Light. His compassion for freinds and foes alike has made him a symbol of all that is good in humanity.

Ava Lurshan: Once a spoiled wealthy noble, the young Ava has grown to take on more responsibility than most will know in a lifetime. Due to the Shadow attack on her ancesteral home she is now the heir to House Lurshan and a member of the Centaurum. She also is the figurehead of the mysterious Office of Regional Coordination (ORC) that moved behind the scenes to fight the Shadows.

Giavonn: A registered Centauri telepath of extraordinary ability, Giavonn was the aide-de-camp, advisor, and best friend of Ava Lurshan. He is a Captain in the Mindhawk regiment, a Centauri military organization made up of telepaths. His influence in the Centarui government is great due to his many accomplishments and the secrets he has collected over his career. He is now husband-consort to Ava.

Candle in the Dark